Buyer Information

We pride ourselves on offering services above and beyond the typical export management company or an international broker and act as your export department without the risk.

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Name Brand Products

Many famous North American Name Brand items are available for export. When they are, our good relationships with our manufactures and our extremely competitive shipping rates make us your ideal US choice for exports.

Generic Products

When the top name brand is not available, or is too high priced, we offer a wide variety of other brand names. The quality and packaging are just as good, but at a more competitive price. Generics include national brands as well as manufacturer’s house labels.

Private Label

Many companies prefer to have their own name on items they import. This is possible through our Private Label program. If you already have your own name and label designed, we can find the right price and quality to match your market demands. Our Marketing and Design Departments can also help you refine your label once you have identified the product you want.

Raw Ingredients

Are you a manufacturer/processor who wants a competitive edge? We supply many items for further processing including: bulk pulses and seeds; soft drink and juice concentrates, crude edible oils and even ice cream powders. All raw food & beverage ingredients for your processing or manufacturing needs.


We can offer our U.S. and foreign clients consolidation services, relieving the pressure of ordering full container loads of a single product at once.