What is Export + Import Logistics Management?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at what the US import and export landscape looked like for the year 2019:

The US Exporting and Importing Statistics for 2019

The US happens to be the leading nation in terms of international trading. As of 2019, it had over $5.6 Trillion worth in goods and services import/export. The country maintains trade relationships with over 200 countries, regional associations, and territories.

Goods Exports

In terms of goods export, the country maintains a 2nd position on the world map. In 2019, the total goods exports totaled about $1.6 trillion which were a 1.4% down from the previous year. Canada, the neighboring country, happens to be the biggest purchaser of US-based goods. It accounted for over 17.8% of the total goods exported by the United States.

The top 5 buyers of goods from the US in 2019 were - Mexico at $256.6 billion, Canada ($292.6 billion), Japan ($74.4 billion), the UK ($69.1 billion), and China ($106.4 billion). The goods exported to the EU 27 were estimated at roughly $267.6 billion.

Goods Imports

The US is also the biggest importer of goods from around the world. It imported goods worth around $2.5 trillion in the year 2019 which were down by $40.2 billion from the previous year. China was the biggest supplier of goods that year to the US. It accounted for about 18% of the total yearly import in products.

The top 5 suppliers for the US for 2019 were - China ($452 billion), Germany ($128 billion), Canada ($319 billion), Mexico ($358 billion), and Japan ($144 billion). The European Union supplied goods worth $515 billion.

Services Exports 

The United States continues to be the world leader by being the biggest services exporter across the globe. In 2019, the country exported services worth $875.8 billion which was down by 1.6% compared to the year before.

The services exports account for about 35% of total US exports. The biggest buyer of US-based services that year was the UK which accounted for about 9% of the total services exports. 

The biggest purchasers of US services exports that year were - Canada ($67.7 billion), the United Kingdom ($78.3 billion), China ($56.5 billion), Ireland ($57.5 billion), and Japan ($50.0 billion). 

U.S. services exports to the European Union 27 were $200.3 billion.

Services Imports

In 2019, the United States imported services worth roughly $588.4 Billion, which was again a reduction of 4.7 per cent from the previous year, 2018. The UK was, once again, the biggest supplier of services which accounted for about 11% of the total US-based service imports that year.

The top major service import suppliers for the US are - the UK ($62.3 billion), Japan ($35.8 billion), Canada ($38.5 billion), Mexico ($29.8 billion), Germany ($34.9 billion). The European Union imported services worth $145.9 billion in 2019.

Five Major Categories of US Products being Exported & Imported:

  1. Name Brand Products: A brand-name product is one that is created by a well-known company and has the company's label on it. An example of this would be Coke or Head & Shoulders.
  2. Private Label Products: Private label products are ones that are created by one company and sold under the brand of another. Private-label products can be found in a variety of industries, from food to cosmetics. Store brands or own brands are private label brands handled only by a retailer for sale in a certain network of stores. Two examples of private label brands are Freshly or American Classic Foods.
  3. Generic / Value Products: Generic goods are commodities that are identified solely by their basic product type rather than by a specific brand. Many stores sell generic goods at lower prices than brand-name ones. Generic soft drinks, for example, are frequently less expensive than brand-name soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi.
  4. Food Services: Food services refers to the consumption of food and beverages outside of the home. Consumers go to food service outlets for a variety of reasons, including convenience, the opportunity to try new foods and tastes, to celebrate, and to socialize. Food service encompasses a wide range of eating occasions and locations, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, and more.
  5. Bulk Ingredients: Bulk foods are big-quantity foods that can be purchased in huge bulk lots or transported from a bulk container to a smaller container for purchase. Food items such as nuts, spices, grocery items, chocolates, and beverages are examples of bulk food ingredients. Bulk food ingredients are accessible in both processed and unprocessed forms. Whole food ingredients refer to bulk food ingredients.

Why is ATI a Top Export + Import Logistics Management Company?

ATI or American Traditional International is a US-based Export Trading Company founded in 1995. The company has been functional for more than 2 decades. We live by the philosophy of facilitating international trade between multiple business venues with cultural sensibility and global awareness. 

Here at American Traditional International we primarily deal in exporting food and beverage products manufactured by US-based companies. Our company maintains a retail network spread across 80 markets worldwide.

As part of its export-import logistics management, we also handle the following aspects of the export business:

  • Financing
  • Contracted shipping rates
  • Complying to foreign important guidelines/requirements
  • Consolidation
  • Understanding the risks involved in international trading
  • Maintaining direct-to-related customer relationship
  • Participating in international trade shows/events
  • Marketing, promotions, & advertising
  • Foreign customer agreements

Our ATI Services

Product Campaigning

Our company puts together exciting campaigns for all US products. This notifies the potential customers of all the new and exciting product launches about to hit the market.

In-Store Promotions

Our ATI staff works with its retail customers to coordinate in-store displays, product tasting events, and a lot more.

Funding for Marketing & Advertising

As part of our ATI capabilities, we partner up with suppliers to come up with government funding reserves and invest the funding towards product marketing and advertising.

Special Advertising

We also work with overseas partners to grab advertising opportunities. An example of these advertising opportunities has been products on billboards, magazines, TV, radio, and more.

Export-Import Logistics Management

As part of its logistics management, we offer the following services:

Premium In-House Services

  • ATI happens to maintain relationships with some of the biggest international shipping lines in the world. This helps our company to take care of volume services contracts.
  • Our company’s logistics department is in charge of handling all inland transportation right from the distribution centre, plant, or warehouse to the final destination across overseas. We handle all logistics requirements in-between.
  • It’s common knowledge that trading with international markets requires complex documentation with intricate details. After decades of experience, it allows us to take care of the most complicated documentation on behalf of our customers.

Other Benefits

As part of its in-house logistics, ATI maintains a consolidated shipment of products from multiple manufacturers. This helps us alleviate the pressure on customers when it comes to ordering fully-loaded containers of goods right on the first order.  

American Trading International maintains as many as 14 different manufacturers' consolidations in one container.

Here are some other benefits of working with us at ATI:

  • We work with some of the top warehouses spread throughout the country.
  • Most US manufacturers are unable to change the date codes at a later date. But, we can arrange for that by coming up with foreign compliant date codes, stickers, and a lot more.
  • If there are shipments with special requirements like hazardous shipments, refrigerated cargo, or bonded warehousing; we have capabilities to handle all that as well.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s selling via air, land, or sea - ATI has the necessary expertise to handle it all. Over the years our company has helped countless manufacturers in the US find a strong footing in overseas markets.

Questions on what ATI can do for your business? Call us today at +1 (310) 445-2000 or fill out our form on the contact us page.

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