Finding an International Business Consultant by Working With a Trading Company

Have you been looking for a business consultant to explore international venture opportunities for your company? Finding the right consultant can be tricky. Asking other business owners and searching online are two ways many companies use to find qualified consultants, but these methods will leave you with a huge applicant pool. An easier option for many would be to use a trading company that can connect you with a network of consultants specializing in your industry.

What Is an International Business Consultant?

An international business consultant is a professional who advises businesses on various issues related to conducting business globally. These consultants may specialize in one or more specific areas, such as human resources, marketing, or finance.

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an International Business Consultant are to provide expert advice and guidance to clients on how to expand their business into international markets. In addition, they will ensure that the client is aware of new developments in international trade and any changes in legislation that may impact them.

The role of an International Business Consultant can include:

  • Meeting with clients to understand their individual needs and requirements.
  • Researching appropriate markets for clients' products and services.
  • Arranging meetings with buyers from overseas.
  • Liaising with clients regularly to discuss their progress.
  • Monitoring relevant media and market trends.

How Can an International Business Consultant Help With Trade?

Helping You Gain Access to Overseas Markets and Other Countries

If you are looking to do business overseas, a consultant can help you navigate the complex world of international trade regulations. They can also help you determine whether it's worth your while to export your products or services.

Foreign Language & Cross-Cultural Knowledge

A consultant that is well versed in international business practices can help you overcome language barriers and avoid cultural misunderstandings that could cause your company to lose business. When selling products or services in foreign countries, it's essential to have a clear idea of the local culture to make informed decisions about marketing, advertising, and distribution.

Direct-To-Retail Relationships in Foreign Markets

Direct-to-retail relationships are becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized companies looking to expand into foreign markets. It can be difficult for many small and medium-sized companies with a limited staff to establish the relationships necessary to launch in a new market. International business consultants can provide the expertise needed to build these direct-to-retail relationships.

They can help your company understand the retail landscape and exporting business in your target country, identify critical retailers and brands, and help you craft a compelling story to convince them to carry your product. They can also help you understand how customs work in foreign countries to know what documents you will need to ship products abroad.

Once you have a direct-to-retail relationship, an international business consultant can also help you maintain that relationship by providing feedback about how your product is doing in the store and helping you address any issues that arise.

Logistics & Understanding Foreign Import Requirements

The international logistics of moving products from one country to another can be complex. There are shipping issues, customs issues, and many other issues that must be dealt with. An international business consultant can help you sort out these problems and find the most efficient ways to move your product to its destination.

Each country has its import requirements, and you will need to learn how to meet these if you want to sell your product in those countries. An international business consultant can help you understand the import requirements so that your product meets the appropriate regulations without being held up at customs.

Other Benefits Working With an International Business Consultant

Reducing Global Trade Risk

Currently, global trade is a hot topic because of the growing landscape and profitability. It's a complex subject involving many moving parts. The world of imports and exports is constantly changing as new nations get involved in international business and shifting laws and tariffs that influence how business gets done worldwide. In such a volatile climate, it's vital to have a trusted advisor on your side who can help you navigate global logistics.

Technical Services & Capabilities

An international business consultant can help you with technical services and capabilities, which is the ability to provide technical assistance, equipment, or other capabilities that are not commercially available in the target country.

The following are examples of technical services and capabilities:

  • Technical services such as design and engineering, installation, training, and maintenance
  • Technical data
  • Know-how and proprietary information
  • Patents and patent rights
  • Equipment
  • Parts
  • Software

Go-To-Market Strategies

The decision to enter a new market should not be taken lightly. Before taking the plunge and moving your business internationally, many factors must be considered. It is crucial to have a clear path to success, with milestones and objectives defined, to test the waters in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

This is where working with an international business consultant can provide enormous benefits. They can guide you through entering new markets with confidence by helping you define a go-to-market strategy that will set you up for success.

International Trade Agreements

International business consulting will also help you understand the trade agreements.  International trade agreements have a significant impact on how you do business.

If you are trading with countries that have trade agreements in place, there will be many benefits that you can avail of, including:

  • Reduced duties
  • Reduced tariffs
  • Reduced fees and paperwork
  • Increased shipping efficiencies

Working with American Trading International, International Business Consultancy, and Trading Company

American Trading International (ATI) is an international business consultancy and trading company. We work with manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, government agencies, and other companies seeking to market their products in the United States or abroad. 

ATI provides its customers with a broad range of services, including sourcing, marketing, logistics, and product development. We specialize in helping small to medium-sized companies reach new markets worldwide.

American Trading International's primary focus is on global marketing, sales, and distribution of products. In addition to our consulting services, we also represent many US manufacturers as their exclusive overseas brokers or agents. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding the dynamics of foreign trade and doing business with international partners is a complex undertaking, but a team of international consultants can make it much more manageable. If you are interested in working with us, we would be more than willing to discuss your proposals and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Questions on what ATI can do for your business? Call us today at +1 (310) 445-2000 or fill out our form on the contact us page.


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