Finding the Right International Trading Company for Your Business: The 8 “Must-Haves”

What is an International Trading Company?

An international trading company basically offers a platform for exporters worldwide to find their footing, a marketplace, and compete among international markets. These companies specialize in handling and covering all aspects of import and export operations as well as underlying procedures.

An international trading company would buy products from one country and sell them to another through its distribution networks. These companies typically work with large amounts of products and high production volumes. Below are the typical activities of an international trading company:

  • Identifying suppliers across different countries to supply huge volumes of generic and name brand products 
  • Negotiating on behalf of their suppliers the terms of sale and product delivery.
  • Taking responsibility for supplier-exporter payments and all other aspects of financing.
  • Handling transportation and logistics.
  • Understanding and managing customs
  • Handling linguistic and cultural barriers of international trade
  • Ensuring sale and distribution of products via its own retail network

Qualities & Areas of Expertise to look for in an International Trading Company

Inquiry to Delivery

Trading companies may function differently, but inquiry to delivery is always necessary and important. Every step of the way should be guided by our experienced sales staff, purchasing staff, proper labeling, flawless accounting, and a logistical support team.

Tailored Experiences

Different suppliers may function differently. They may have unique needs. A good trading company should have a unique tailor-made service package depending on the product or industry to ensure a customized working experience for the supplier and successful trade partnerships.

Linguistic & Cross-Cultural Knowledge

In order to gain access to overseas retailers, having cross-cultural knowledge along with the knowledge of the foreign language and marketplace is crucial. This is essential to selling the right kind of products that the retailers and end-buyers would be interested in; rather than selling something that goes against the target country's culture or market demands.

Direct-to-Retail Relationships

Trading companies that work on an international level must have a direct relationship with retailers across all markets. This allows them to better control the brand’s in-store presentations or advertising opportunities. It also allows them to keep the transaction costs low.

No Fees Charged to the Supplier

The company should not charge the supplier. The trading company may ask for a small fee to showcase the products at international trade shows or a commission to sell the products overseas. But, it shouldn't be changing regular fees to the suppliers.

Open to Collaboration & Objectivity

Objectivity is a quality where someone is open and receptive to new ideas, approaches, and attitudes. This is a crucial quality to look for in an international exporter. They must know how to keep an open mind and ear. They should have a knack for utilizing multiple tactics to find the one that works best for everyone’s success.

Being Flexible & Adaptable

International markets are prone to constant changes. That means international trading companies have to consistently tweak their process. They also have to deal with new challenges every day. 

They should know how to navigate trading chaos or issues occurring with determination, persistence, and with quick decisions; especially in the face of often unprecedented global complexities and challenges.

Handling 100% of the Exporting

It takes fine leadership skills to bring out the best in people. In the export business, people of different cultures, geographies, and positions come together to form a team and do business together. It takes a certain skill set to know what motivates them, what incentives them, and what gets the job done in a way that makes everyone feel heard. 

At times, you have to communicate good, but also bad information. That requires dealing with sensitivity. Not everyone has those skills. This kind of tactfulness is even more important when you’re working with a diverse population internationally, across the board.

Who is ATI (American Trading International)?

ATI (American Trading International) is a US-based international export and trading company that was established in 1995. Our team consists of dedicated and highly trained professionals with over 26 years of experience, and we work with more than 86 international marketplaces. We export primarily food and beverage products globally, and represent some of the biggest name brands in the US.

What makes ATI unique to other trading companies?

At ATI, we have a dedicated staff of people coming from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds that possess a deep multicultural and multilingual knowledge. This equips us to handle the transactions and converse with cultural sensitivity while dealing with foreign partners.

Our staff at American Trading International speaks over 30 languages combined such as Arabic, French, German, Russian, Urdu, Slovak, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and many more. Our team of international professionals works together to simplify and streamline the entire export process.

ATI Capabilities: People + Technology

We use SAP at ATI, a leading enterprise resource management software, to ensure total clarity at every step of the way. It ensures alignment, accountability, and clarity on where the team is going.

On top of that, our company combines quarterly strategic goal setting, communication, overall vision, and KPIs to make sure that the business development is in total alignment with the company goals.

Here at ATI, we are one team with a similar vision, goals, and accountability.


Our team at ATI has strong partnerships with leading US manufacturers, suppliers, and name brands who use our international distribution networks. Our goal always is to maximize efficiency, simplify global export opportunities, and streamline communication for their suppliers and buyers.

Brand Positioning

Using a powerful SAP system in place, our team is able to conduct thorough data analysis. It allows us to analyze current and upcoming market trends, buying patterns, and customer purchase habits. With that knowledge, we can focus on selling the right products by conducting strategy meetings.

In the end, here at ATI, we know how to develop strategic marketing plans based on extensive research for its global distribution network.

The Bottom Line

ATI is a leader in the US global trading marketplace. With years of experience and wholesome know-how; our company has managed to maintain a steady success rate for over two decades.

Questions on what we can do for your brand or company? Call us today at +1 (310) 445-2000 or fill out our form on the contact us page.

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